Since I was born in 1982 I have always asked myself a lot of questions, too many, on reality. Then I have understood that people who think too much don't always find what they are looking for, sometimes it is enough to open your eyes. At that stage I had two options: to meet a psychologist or to begin to shoot photographs, the cheapest choice. I chose the second...

2011 FORMA Foundation for photography, Milan, First Prize at the contest Ordinary Exceptionalism in memory of Giuseppe Pontiggia organized by Rotaract Club Milano PHF
2011 Varese, II Prize in the contest Memorial Franco Pontiggia - Journey to Italy, Faces, jobs, folklore
2011 Santarcangelo di Romagna,
Musas, Historical Archaeological Museum, art exhibition No Code. Visual Route on the Rite not encoded
2011 Book: Personal Organizer of Ravenna year 2011
2010 Forlì art exhibition Bagnanti
2010 Ravenna, art exhibition Bagnanti
2010 Book:
IBC, Back on the Apennines
2009 Forlì, art exhibition SS 309
2009 Venezia, Prize in the contest Diari della Terra
2009 Project IBC: Participation in the photographic research Back on the Apennines, sponsored by the Institute of Cultural Heritage
2009 Book: Region Emilia Romagna, Personal Organizer 2009
2009 Book:
IBC, Cultural Heritage Institute Calendar year 2009
2009 Book: Personal Organizer of Ravenna Europe port Orient door
2008 Book:
IBC, Cultural Heritage Institute Magazine, dedicated number
2008 Marradi (FI), art exhibition
2008 Marghera (VE), art exhibition SS309
2008 Pomposa Abbey, art exhibition SS309
2008 Ferrara, Estense Castle, art exhibition L'Altra Mostra
2008 Ravenna, 1st Prize in the contest Tracciati Urbani Adriatici
2008 Book: SS309, Matteo Sauli and Stefano Tedioli, Damiani Editore
2008 Ravenna, art exhibition SS309
2007 Milan, art exhibition Holy architecture in Milan by Giò Ponti
2006 Degree dissertation: Photographic law and photography
2005 Turin, Prize in the contest Social balance CRT Foundation
2004 Ravenna, art exhibition Inspections - Sopralluoghi

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